Former Australian Cricket Captain & Boating Enthusiast

“This new Marine Safety Product called The Life Cell is a huge step forward in the safety of the boating industry and should definitely reduce the amount of fatalities on our waterways in the future.”

“I know that Scott and Rick have put a lot of time and effort into the development of a top of the range safety product, it will be well received in the boating industry and it is a product that I would have in my boat for peace of mind for myself and my family”



Boating Enthusiast

“We don’t have a life raft on our boat, a Lagoon 400 catamaran. We undertake significant passages but it has always seemed just a bit too expensive and without several tonnes of weight In a keel we’re not going to sink in a hurry. What does give us pause is fire and we have made every endeavour to prevent it. Every sea-person dreads fire, and how fast it happens.”

“Our refuge is our Zodiac and reasonable seamanship and ‘what happens if’ procedures. We have the grab bag and waterproof VHF and PLBs etc but one never knows. It can be so quick. So this fellow, Scott Smiles, comes aboard with a solution and I have put up my hand in a second. I have asked him to sell me the first Life Cell off the line. This is 50- years at sea and some very ugly weather talking. I had no hesitation in buying this affordable safety product on the spot.”