Frequently Asked Questions

What safety equipment can I store in a Life Cell?


What safety equipment can I store in a Life Cell?



What brand of EPRIB can be mounted to the Life Cell?
All Life Cells have a universal mounting plate included so any type of EPIRB bracket can be mounted to this plate. This includes –

  • GME
  • McMurdo Smart Find
  • Kannad
  • Ocean Signal
  • RescueMe
  • ACR ResQMate
  • ACR Global Fix
  • KTI Safety Alert
  • Jontron

What brand of flares will fit in the Life Cell?
All types of flares sold in Australia fit in the Life Cell but the capacity to store floating smoke cannisters may be limited in the smaller models depending on the size of the cannister.

Does the Life Cell come with a float-free mounting bracket?
Yes, each Life Cell is sold with a float-free mounting bracket included. This is a black plastic bracket. Optional stainless-steel bulkhead and rail mount brackets can be purchased separately. See link for more details – brackets

Does the Life Cell float?
Yes, all Life Cells are rated as buoyant appliances and are designed to keep you afloat in the water. They will float and aid buoyancy regardless of whether the lid is open or closed. All buoyancy testing was done with the lid open and the storage compartment flooded with water.

Do Life Cells come with lanyards?
Yes, all Life Cells come with lanyards which are designed to secure the user to the device so that they do not become separated do to fatigue or rough water.

Can Life Cells be used on commercial vessels in Australia?
Yes, Life Cell can be used as a buoyant device on both survey and non-survey vessels. In the commercial sector Life Cells are rated to fully support the following number of persons and can be used to replace other forms of buoyancy required by the vessel.

Trailer Boat – 1 person
Yachtsman – 1 person
Trawlerman – 3 persons
Crewman – 4 persons

For more information see link –

Do Life Cells have any warranty?
Yes, Life Cells have a two-year warranty when subject to normal use.