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Our experience showed just how quickly circumstances can change and a group of people can suddenly be in a life or death situation they could not have imagined or planned for. In this time of panic we understand just how easily life saving equipment can be overlooked or lost in the frantic moments of a vessel sinking or being overturned. As safety equipment is the key to being located and rescued quickly, items such as flares, EPIRBS and V-sheets are critical.

 Safety equipment is often stored under seats, in gunwales or under bunks making it difficult to locate in a time of emergency. Life Cell however combines all of this essential safety equipment in a flotation device which significantly reduces the chance of these safety items being lost or unable to be found in time to abandon the vessel.

Life Cell is highly visible with clear signage, it is easy to access and simple to use even for the novice boater. It is designed to float off its mounting bracket in the event of a vessel sinking making sure that you will not be left stranded.

In addition to saving lives, Life Cell’s mission is also to reduce to cost of lengthy maritime rescue operations, make routine Maritime inspections more efficient and get maritime safety back on the public agenda.